Quick Tips: Mail Templates for the Mac Mail app

A common problem is sending form letter mails  to a small number of recipients individually. Mail merge is over kill. It would have been nice to select an email pre-filled with the content, subject and other parameters where you just fill in the “To” field and send.

Well it turns out that the Mac Mail app has just this feature but to use it needs the template message to be saved in any folder other than the default Draft.

The short version is to draft a message and save it. Then move it from the Drafts to another folder e.g. Templates. Now right-click this message in the Templates folder and select “Send Again”. That’s it.


  1. Mail > Mailbox > Click the (+)  sign next to the mailbox name > Create a “Templates” folder
  2. Draft a new message and save > Go to Drafts folder > Move this message to the “Templates” folder
  3. Go to the “Templates” folder > Right-click message > Click “Send Again”

Apple Support Link

The "Send Again" option is available on messages in any folder except for the "Drafts".