Quick Tip: Single drive on IBM ServerRAID

Server hardware upgrade needed a new 2 TB drive on an IBM X-series server with LSI RAID. Here are the steps followed using the BIOS configuration utility;

  1. F2 [Diagnostics] at boot, then CTRL+H to enter MegaRAID WebConfig utility
  2. The default Logical view will display existing configuration of Virtual and Physical drives along with any unconfigured drives at the end
  3. Click “Configuration Wizard” > Click “Add Configuration > choose Manual
  4. In the Drives window select the newly added drive and click “Add to Array”
  5. This drive will now move to the Drive Groups window under a new group
  6.  Click “Accept DG”  > click Next
  7. Click “Add to SPAN” > click Next
  8. Click Accept
  9. Click Yes to accept the RAID 0 with single drive configuration as shown > click Accept
  10. Logical View will display the new disk group initialising
  11. Save and reboot

The OS will now detect a new drive, format … etc